Wheeeww nothing like a bad employer that will have you second-guessing your career choice. ????????

When you go to work day in and day out and are working in unfavorable conditions you will automatically start thinking that “It’s time for a switch”. ????????‍♀️

There is no “perfect” workplace, but there are environments that can be affecting you negatively and be detrimental to your professional development. ????

Before you make a total career switch, look at the company you are working for. ????

????Signs of a toxic employer????

????Your input & feedback is not valued or wanted.

????They make you feel bad when you use your sick days or PTO.

????Your growth or future is never discussed.

????The company only focuses on numbers and could care less about culture or morale.

????You asked to do things that go against your moral compass and integrity.

????They are quick to give criticism but rarely give praise.

Think about switching your employer before you think about switching careers.

What else can make a workplace toxic?

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Tom Stenshavn