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Coaching and Consultancy
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Personal Development

Lead yourself before leading others. Our Personal Development services will help you to a better lifestyle. Often combined with Business coaching and work/life balance.

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Business Coaching

Are you planning to start, or do you wish to grow your business?

We can assist and guide both you as the  business owner, and your employees by helping them clarify the vision and mission of the business.

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Working in a foreign country

Avoid the pit-falls!

We coach and consult on any issue about living, working or doing business in a foreign country. Are you planning on re-locating? We can assist you in all the planning!

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Career Coaching

We can assist you in finding the right path in your career, either it might be to find a new career or just do some changes in your existing one.

Our speciality is Thailand

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About US

We listen, and we work together to create truly unique goals and outcomes.

All our services, coaching and training programs are tailor made to fit your needs.

We Bring Quality Services

Our service is all about you as a client. We are not ending our service to you until you have the goals and outcomes we aimed for. You get a guaranteed successful outcome every time.

Expertise And Talent

Everyone attached to You Are One of Us has the right expertise and talent, and always focuses on your goals. None of our packages is carved in stone, and our coaches will do what it takes to help you solve all your challenges.


Offers "24/7" Quick Support

If you are in need of immidiate help from your coach, we offer you an almost 24/7 quick support. Your coach will be available to give you the feedback you need at all times.

We help people and businesses to Grow, Thrive and Succeed

Why Choose Our Services

Together we can take your life to a new level of awareness .


Creating business

Are you planning on starting a business, or just started one? We know the way forward and can assist all the way! Business planning and structural planning included

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Be who you really want to be

If you are already happy with your life, things can always get even better. Let`s go through your challenges and create the life you deserve.

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Online or in person

Our meetings can be performed both online or in person in beautiful Thailand. We also arrange stunning retreats with coaching in Northern Thailand.

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One-on-One or Teams

Our training programs is developed to fit both leaders, managers, employees and teams! In our team sessions, we also provice one-on-one services.

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International certifications

International Coaching Federation -Professional Business Coaches Alliance – The American board of NLP – The American Board of Hypnotherapy – Time Line Therapy Association.

Are you planning on moving to South East Asia? For work or for retirement, we can assist you with making sure to avoid challenges and pit-falls.

Coaching Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


I`m Tom. Nice to meet you!

To be an expert in how to make a living in a foreign country, you need to have lived and worked abroad for a long time. You also need to know how the country works and have the right connections. I do!

I will make sure that you avoid problems and challenges along your way!
When i was younger, i simply didn`t care! That made me go through life struggling with so many challenges along the way that i almost gave up on myself several times. But it also teached me that learning life the hard way is always also the toughest, longest and most painful way. At that time, no-one knew where we could get assistance. We simply needed to learn it all by ourselves.  Now, times are different!

After moving to Thailand in 2001, i really learned it all the really hard way.

It took me many years of hard work, but i ended up being someone that people can relate to.
Now i work straight forward with honesty and trust, as i think that is what everyone deserves. And i am here to share it with you! I can guide you through all the pit-falls!
Are you planning on living or retiring in South East Asia? Or even planning a holiday in South East Asia somewhere?
Then i will happily assist you through your planning, and make sure that you avoid the challenges and pit-falls that you could end up in.

Are you planning to start a business?
Then, let`s create your business even more successful together!

My passion is to get the best out of both people, and to assist them in developing what is needed to get to their goals. I got the expertise for it, and i always deliver.

Do you need results fast and effective?
Do you need effective tools and methods?
Is it time to upgrade yourself and your business?

You need solid solutions from someone that can:
– Easily put himself in your position
– Give you a measurable competence-lift
– Follow you all the way to your goals
– Has reached real results for himself and others
“All actions made with passion leads to a successful result” – to educate yourself is the best investment you can do. I can be there for you!

I Can:

– Give assistance and guidance on both business and personal improvement.

– Make result oriented changes in your business to help reach your goals.

– Assist in how to relate to cultural differences.

– Assist in all it takes to starting your business.

– Training you and your management on keeping your business growing.

– Training you and your team to work perfectly together even if you come from different parts of the world.

– Train you on how to work with people from other countries than yourself.

And more….

See you on the inside. I will make you “One of Us”!

Tom Stenshavn

Founder of You Are One of Us, You Are One of Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to have problems to use your services?

No! Our services is all about learning how to avoid any future problems and issues. With our courses and services, you will learn how to steer clear of the major challenges that you might face.

If you already are having problems, we will help you in any way to get out of them the best way possible.

Our services is unique in the way that we can solve complex problems and has been used by hundreds of foreigners that has gotten into any kind of pit-falls. All of them found a great solution through using our services.

Why is your services so important?

There is always the option of doing things yourself. But, we all need to get our knowledge from somewhere, and in these cases it can be quite expensive to learn by failing.

To learn from someone that knows the way, and can guide on in the right direction is a very good investment.

What package should i choose?

The best way to choose your service is to attend in a free discovery call with us. By talking directly to your coach about your issues, you will together establish what package that is the best for you.

We are always here to help, so we will always do everything to assist you. We will in this call be able to establish your real needs, and can therefore easily make an offer of further assistance that will fit your needs.

From where is "You Are One of Us" main knowledge?

Our founder, that assist most with challenges on living in a foreign country is from Norway, but has lived most of his grown career in Thailand. Working in Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, UAE, and parts of Africa for a big coorporate company.

Naturally, if you are planning to re-locate, the main knowledge would be Thailand. But still the expertise of cultural differences is for all over the world. Contact us for more information.

Do you have any guarantees?

After we make an agreement and before you pay anything, the agreement will show you what we can promise to you.

If we are not reaching that goal, you will have the right to a refund or extend your course until all goals promised are reached.

Do you assist with Time Management?

Time management and Work/Life balance is one of our special fields in our coaching. We are offering a 2 full day-course and also the same course divided into 12 X 1 hour sessions.

Contact us for more information on these courses.

Our Projects 

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About US

Don`t hesitate to find out how your career can change to the better!