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About the Company

you are one of us



Company mission statement

Passion leads to success. Our company is created by a passion for helping others. The company thrive on being the best in coaching and consulting. Our mission is to get company owner’s face their challenges by evaluation and changing mindsets and bad habits, to ensure that both the owners, leaders and employees are not going to work only for their pay-checks, but actually because they have passion for their jobs and love their work.

Company philosophy and vision

Our philosophy is that by using honesty to create integrity, and by seeking innovation and learning all the time, we will have a fun environment of happy people working with us. Passionate employees create both great environment and also permanent growth.

Our vision is that by creating our own branded special way of coaching, advising and teaching clients and by being exceptional and innovative in our methods, we will ensure the success of your clients.


Times are changing and fast. There is a lot of what we call “regular” coaching services out there. But we are aiming to make a special way of helping our clients built on the current situation our clients are in. This craves a strong focus both for us and our clients to be the best, most honest and most value for money service offered. We will also follow the world as it changes by being focused on changing with it. This will help making our services unique in the coaching and consulting industry.

Your Coach and Consultant

Tom Stenshavn



I`m Tom. Nice to meet you!

To be an expert in how to make a living in a foreign country, you need to have lived and worked abroad for a long time. You also need the right connections. I have all that! I will make sure that you avoid problems and challenges along your way!
When i was younger, i simply didn`t care! That made me go through life struggling with so many challenges along the way that i almost gave up on myself several times. But it also teached me that learning life the hard way is always also the toughest, longest and most painful way.

After moving to Thailand in 2001, i really learned it all the really hard way.

It took me many years of hard work, but i ended up being someone that people can relate to.
Now i work straight forward with honesty and trust, as i think that is what everyone deserves. And i am here to share it with you! I can guide you through all the pit-falls!
Are you planning on living or retiring in Thailand?
Then we will help you through your planning, and make sure that you avoid the challenges and pit-falls that you could end up in.

Are you planning to start a business?
Then, let`s create your business even more successful together!

My passion is to get the best out of both people, and to assist them in developing what is needed to get to their goals. I got the expertise for it, and i always deliver.

Do you need results fast and effective?
Do you need effective tools and methods?
Is it time to upgrade yourself and your business?

You need solid solutions from someone that can:
– Easily put himself in your position
– Give you a measurable competence-lift
– Follow you all the way to your goals
– Has reached real results for himself and others
“All actions made with passion leads to a successful result” – to educate yourself is the best investment you can do. I can be there for you!

I Can:

– Give assistance and guidance on both business and personal improvement.

– Make result oriented changes in your business to help reach your goals.

– Assist in how to relate to cultural differences.

– Assist in all it takes to starting your business.

– Training you and your management on keeping your business growing.

– Training you and your team to work perfectly together even if you come from different parts of the world.

– Train you on how to work with people from other countries than yourself.

And more….

Contact me for an uncommitted chat now. Let`s see what we can accomplish together.


Started as a carpenter in Norway, from the age of 15 and working until I reached 20, then get into different sales positions from electro to web. Moved to Thailand to start a new life and business in 2001.

Now, with more than 18 years of experience from business in Thailand at several levels, starting in Telecom in 2003, then operated successfully a travel company for 8 years, with specially designed tours in Thailand and Asia. Core business was commercial motorcycle tours around the whole country. We also planned huge wedding parties, foreigner service with visa and documentation processes, we had a licenced Law office and a IT- service department. Then in 2016, I was hired as Project leader for a hotel project in Southern Thailand and then became assistant director in a Hotel development company with developing and operating several hotels in Asia.

I am still a devoted and passionate motorbike rider, and spent a lot of time in Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand the last 2 years. However, i now just re-located to Spain and the beutiful coastal city of Torrevieja for work, and will be living and working there.

I have lived, travelled and worked on every continent, and delivered in everything from management, sales, marketing to tourism and hospitality. And has extensive experience with cultural differences, and working within the Asian culture.


What We Can Do For Your Business


Corporate Training

Business Planning

Leadership Training


Strategic Planning

Sales Training

Personal Development

Organisation Structure

Tom is from Norway and is the Founder and CEO of  You are One of Us. He is also the author of several eBooks and courses, and he is making all the content used for the company. 

Tom has been living and working in Thailand for 22 years, and is a habitual motorbike explorer. 

In You Are One of Us, Tom is the Coach and Trainer both for Business and Personal Development.


Life changing Coach and Consultant

Hågen is from Norway, living in the UK,  and has been a big contributor to You Are One of Us. He is the author of several books, and he is also a highly respected coach and public speaker with several special fields. He is also Tom`s former life-coach.

Hågen is assisting You Are One of Us with his special fields in coaching and training. Mostly for our Norwegian clients.


Sinto is from Spain, Living in Thailand and as Tom`s personal business coach when Tom was working in a big corporate company a few years ago, they establish a contact that has developed into a friendhip.

Sinto has also several special fields in coaching and training and will contribute in You Are One of Us within his special fields.



Books & Publications

Here are some of the book we have read and can recommend for any business leader, sales team or for personal development.


Start with WHY

Simon Sinek`s first and brilliand book about why you are doing what you do. 


GAP Selling

Keenan`s contribution to selling in 2020. Brilliant reading on how to conduct sales in the new world.



Caroll S. Dweck`s brilliant book about how to create a mindset and a calm environment around you.


How to Discover Your Business Challenges – And how to Solve Them

This is Tom`s first eBook, covering the most usual Business Challenges that most businesses are facing.

Business and Personal Development

The Practical Guide to Basic NLP

This eBook will tell you about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and what it is really about. 



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