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The Xmas and New Year celebrations is a wonderful time for most of us...

It can be the highlight of the year, and it is usually the only period where all of us really share our gratitude. Some of us are contacting friends and family that they usually don`t see or talk to that much, and some is actually saving up to buy gifts for others than family and friends too. That makes this a great time of year to appreciate others, remembering our old friends and to show our appreciation for others and show gratitude to so many. 

Another thing that many of us are doing in this holiday season is to eat too much, and some of us also drink too much as there is a lot of gatherings and parties to go to.

Eating too much is OK, as long as we take care of our weight, and if not, we can always get back to normal after new year….

But drinking too much alcohol can have a longer lasting negative effect. Not only on our bodies, but also on the people around us.
I have noticed that drinking too much over only a short period of time, really do something with people’s minds. They seem to fight more, be more negative, complain more, talking bad about others more and also many seem to behave more badly. Even in the festive times such as Xmas and new year.

People seem to get bored with everything around them when drinking is something they do too often, and especially when it’s done with the same people around them each time. When drinking and get somewhat bored, they seem to go into negative-mode and start talking about negative things instead of having a good time. And as soon as one starts, the others seems to follow…

Also another thing is that when you are drinking a lot, you seem to misunderstand people so much easier. You use your perception on what you think others mean and often it can turn into a total mayhem for no particular reason, instead of being a simple misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

The party can go from perfect, to be a struggle and a fight in a few moments.

Then it`s our budget…. Our budget is often easy to forget and you just don’t give a damn about your usage when out drinking, showing off and trying to have a good time. Most of us regret it the day after, right?

So, drink moderate, people! That is the best way of getting into the New Year and start your new life that year… a life of being who you want to be and not having to struggle with bad behaviour, negative emotions, inner conflicts, negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

The picture is from Xmas when i was 22 years old and did exactly that! I drank too much in every weekend and holidays.

Happy New Year everybody!!

Tom Stenshavn

You Are One of Us