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Back in business!

And also a new business as well.

After a while away from the Social Media channels, I am back in Thailand where I belong.

I have over the years worked a lot in the tourist industry in Thailand. After 2016, when I sold my agency and started in real estate and consulting, I had 8 years of operating my own tourist-agency where I changed my specialty from guided motorbike tours to wedding parties and event planning, from boat trips to visa assistance and legal help. Everything I could do to make the customers happy and to avoid saying no to any of them. It worked out pretty good, but was it the best way?

Even if I always had some sort of specialty, I also sold everything else that tourists needed on their visit to Thailand at the same time. Boat trips to exiting islands, our own 3 day-tour to River Kwai and Sai Yok National Park that was our most popular tour with me visiting 53 times over a few years, to assist in finding airline ticket routes, assisting finding the best hotels and also helped with visa and legal questions.

When I see other tour operators that are struggling to make ends meet both before and after the pandemic, it makes me wonder what their plan is? It seems to me that they are all selling the same tours and services, and only tries hard to compete with their competitors prices, and that`s all?

I always thought, why not find themselves a niche or a core tour or service to sell? Something that not all the others have to offer at the same time? Thailand has so much to offer, so it is room for a core tour or service to all the agencies from small booths to big companies.

I am thinking of starting up something quite special when it comes to tourism in Thailand. A combination of coaching, retreats, and tours. And this both in cars, buses and with riding a motorcycle. Whatever you choose.

What could be better than riding a motorcycle in the mountains In Thailand, soaking in the fresh air, beautiful scenery, finding peace and quiet, the feeling of freedom and companionship with likeminded people and also get some coaching on both business and personal life at the same time. And also could write the whole tour off tax-wise in your home country.

For those who don`t ride motorcycles, will of course get the second best. The same experience from a car or minibus.
If it`s a great idea or not, the time will show. But I think the combination could be interesting….

What do you think?….
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