Spain lost! Now what?

After spending 20 years making Thailand out to be my real home, the pandemic came. Lockdowns and restrictions were a reality In Thailand, but also everywhere else in the world. To me, it never felt real, and it never was. But the only thing we could do was to follow the instructions and rules, and especially when you are a guest in a foreign country.

After all, Thailand was not the worst place to spend time during the pandemic, as it was only a short period of time that we couldn`t travel domestically. I actually had the best time ever, riding my motorbike 50.000 km in the 2.5 years this was going on. The problem was that I only studied, and I didn’t have any regular income. My savings started to get low, and I needed to face the reality.

So, in May 2022, I was offered a great job, but it was in Spain!

I couldn`t just go there and leave my things in Thailand, as it would be too expensive to store everything there, so I ended up gambling on Spain and the work I was offered and sold everything I had in Thailand to go and make some money.

That was my biggest mistake of all times, but It would teach me a lot. And it is actually here this story begins….

Moving to Spain I thought was for me going to be the same as coming back to Norway, just warmer. Spain is in the EU and I looked forward to a country that didn’t have the bureaucracy that Thailand have, and also to a place where things were really working the way it should. I can`t believe how wrong I was!

It started as soon as I arrived. I wanted to rent an apartment and I found several online. But none of the agents posting the apartments either answered their phone or messages, so it was impossible to get any. I started working in this company that had offered a good salary, great bonuses and great work hours. I also was offered to have a home office as long as it was in Spain, as I had to pay my taxes to Spain. It was mostly based on lies, and that in it self is a looong story.

I got to a point that I understood that this is something I can`t relate to, and it was all based on luring people to move to Spain, and as soon as they were there, they were nailed into the system. Many of my co-workers was starting the same time as me, but they simply couldn’t afford to quit.

I could! So I did!

Then I was in Spain…. Without a job, and thought to myself, ok! I have my coaching, and I can start my own business here. But it took me just a few weeks to see how impossible that would be in a country that simply nothing worked. I was trapped in a place I simply couldn’t stay.

I started thinking about why i had made this decision, and i found that it was the fear of not succeeding in Thailand. I thought that Thailand was a place that it was going to be a lot harder to do business post-covid than before, and i didn`t see any possibilities for me to stay. I was SO wrong! After being in Spain for a few months, i saw what it was. I was simply scared of the wrong ghost. I was so spoiled of Thailand, and couldn`t see how great it actually was. I had lived there for 20 years, and i didn’t know how good life i actually had until i arrived in Spain… then it became clear to me.

After 3 months of work and 2 months of planning what to do next in Spain, I felt that the walls were creeping in on me. There was no reason to go out anywhere as nothing was exciting for me there, so I spent most of my time at home. I needed to get out! So, I bought a ticket to Bangkok and Philippines together with some friends, and I headed out for a holiday.

To get to Bangkok from Torrevieja is a very long trip and a hassle with the domestic flights, taxis that don`t show up and so on, but I finally landed in Bangkok. I had 2 days there and as the health system that Spain calls the best in the world is not working at all, I decided to go to my early health check-up and the dentist while I was in Bangkok. The truth is, that the health system in Thailand IS the best in the world, so I had no problem choosing to do this.

I was walking down Sukhumvit road in Bangkok and I got this extreme feeling of being home! It was like I felt alive again, and I felt so free. I never lived in Bangkok, but still it felt like I was home. Everything worked again. I knew exactly what to do to get what I wanted, and it all felt so easy. At that moment I realised that I belonged to Thailand, and that Spain was no longer a place I could live. I decided there and then that I just had to move back!

Now back in Spain with even more experiences of seeing that this country isn’t working, I have already planned in detail how to move back to Thailand. The reason has never been more clear to me, and I also know what I will actually do there. The pandemic is over and the tourism is on the rise, so I will use my expertise to assist others in succeeding in life and work in Thailand, and I will also create tours and retreats including coaching and mentoring on how to cope with work and everyday life better.

Nothing is more important than expertise. It`s like this:

Information = Means very little as its not sorted

Knowledge = Like a bronze medal

Experience = Like a silver medal

Competence = Like a gold medal

Expertise = The platinum of everything

There are a lot of people out there who is dreaming of relocating to another country. Many of which is also already thinking of Thailand, but never do anything about it. If they are thinking of moving as a retired or with the dream of starting something on their own, it makes no difference. It is all very possible and straight forward to do. And I can verify that Thailand is the best place to do it. I have been working in so many countries in the world, and I finally made my decision very clear.

But how can this dream be a reality? Where should you start?

Well, the first thing I could do if I were you, is to book a meeting with me. I will fit you in at lunch or a coffee break, and we can talk about it. I will give you some pointers and then you will see if this really is doable for you.

The second thing you could do is; Stop dreaming and start doing! Remember that you live every day, but die only once! Live your life to the fullest every day and do it on your terms. I can promise you it will make your life a lot happier!

Book an online one-on-one meeting with me HERE!

Hope to see you soon!