Business Startup or Improvement: Economy long-term plan (6 months` agreement)


  • Online or in person.
  • Weekly meetings 60 minutes (first and last meeting 120 minutes).
  • Video/Messages/Email from client with daily feedback.
  • All tools and couching content is included.


If you are unsure of your need of assistance to establish and work through your company challenges, to gain more insights and to structure how to reach your goals and company growth, a business coaching facilitator is the answer.

As a client, you will be challenged through a teaching technique that opens new doors. You will get a tailor made solution that fills all your needs. All guidance, courses and lectures are clear, practical and gives quick and lasting changes.

  • Do you need results faster and more effective?
  • Do you need more effective tools and methods?
  • Is it time to upgrade yourself or your business?

You need solid solutions from someone that can:

  • Easily put himself in your position
  • Give you a measurable competence-lift
  • Follow you all the way to your goals
  • Has reached real results for himself and others

“All actions made with passion leads to a successful result” – to educate yourself is the best investment you can do. We can help you!

We will:

  • Give assistance and guidance on personal improvement
  • Make result oriented changes in your business to help reach your goals
  • Assist in how to relate to cultural differences
  • Advice on how to start a business in Thailand
  • Advice on keeping your business growing in Thailand
  • Assist with guidance on employment and labour law in Thailand
  • Give advice on investments and sales
  • Assist with visa related services
  • Assist in troubleshooting all kinds of issues you would get in a foreign country like Thailand

And a lot more….