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Do you think that all people are good..

That People are only doing the best they can with the resources they have available?
Or do you generally think that someone is born to be ass-holes and to just be on earth to make life miserable for others?

What about you? You probably see yourself as one of the good-guys, right? That you are actually acting badly on on others bad #behaviour and that your bad behaviour is coming from something others do? They make you do bad things, right?

What about forgiveness? Empathy? Do you ever think about that? Do you have that automatically built into your life, or could you be more forgiven and emphatic?

Your life and happiness in life starts with you. It starts with you accepting other people`s differences and opinions, and by being in control of your self and your own life, you will see that you can control mostly everything around you and how you see the world. It will give you a new meaning, and it will open your mind to other positive possibilities.

All negativity towards others and also towards yourself is putting obstacles in the way of your happiness. It creates mistrust, it make you feel bad and takes away your energy. It creates destruction both in relationships and friendships. It helps you get stuck in a vicious circle that you will have a struggle to get out of.

Remember to always #respect other peoples world and how they see it. It is not like yours.
Remember to remove your inner clouds of destruction and to create positivity and happiness for yourself first, then for others around you. Your life will change in a short period of time.

To change your #Innerconflicts#Negativethinking#Negativeemotions and #Limitingbeliefs is easier than you think. And i am here to help you.

Tom Stenshavn

You Are One of Us