Thailand Explained - Episode 1 - English - AH, yet another podcast about Thailand...

What will separate this podcast from others, and the first part of Tom’s life and journey in Thailand

Welcome to the first episode of a brand new podcast that I have chosen to call: THAILAND EXPLAINED.

A podcast where you will certainly experience and learn things you neither knew nor thought you would hear about the subject of Thailand and South East Asia.

My name is Tom and the concept I work with as a coach and consultant is simply called “You Are One of Us”. 

The plan for this podcast is to start as a green inexperienced radio talker as I am today, with the first episodes being audio only.

The episodes will be as short and informative as possible, with zero bullshit and straight from the gut. But in addition, it will also include you who are listening. This is not a one-way street where I babble about things I have no idea about, so I want to talk to people who have completely different experiences than me. I have developed a form, where you can submit questions about anything, and I will use these to answer questions from the listeners in each program, as well as interactively be the one who also speaks for the listeners.

Eventually, the cast will be included with video, and then the plan is to interview subjects who have a generally interesting past in or from Thailand. I also want to talk to some local people and find out what they thought of us “immigrants”, and then I want guests who can teach us a lot more than I can.

When things start to get a little more “professional”, I will also occasionally broadcast LIVE, then from different locations and with guests who are guaranteed to be exciting to meet. Join me on a motorcycle ride and see what I see.

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